Finding the Best Catering Companies

It works for just about everything. All that is required is an idea. Plan exciting menus and a well thought out French theme; coordinate and design the best atmosphere that is needed. Keep the fun parts of the planning stages while someone else is caring for the rest.

With professional catering companies and staff to help bring that idea to life — make the party fun, original, and an event that all guests will remember. Coordinate with the best decorators and event planners to create a very “Parisian Nights” atmosphere for the event.

Work events are much less tedious when the food is awesome, and no one had to cook. The annual Christmas party needs a makeover and no one’s in charge of the retirement send-off for the boss; throw a blasting, blow-the-roof-off party and those occasions will be memorable instead of forgettable.

Everyone loves parties, so the reasons really do not matter. Close friends can come over for a relaxing dinner, and then invite everyone else to the cocktail party. Try brunch with mimosas for the girls or have simultaneous bachelor and bachelorette parties.

Ask for a panini station or pommes frites, which are double fried fries. Everybody loves fries! It does not all have to be French. Request to add a Sushi Station or Shawarma station.Try something new or plan to include something special for the guest of honor. Pushing the boundaries will let people know that this is a party. It is supposed to be fun!

Another option is to bring the catering to the location with a little surprise for everyone. Hand out the microphones and have a karaoke contest. Always plan for the cocktails to arrive before the singing starts. It might be surprising who has a hidden talent if the nerves can be settled, and the fun can begin before stage fright sets in.

Be sure to share a few requested songs with the DJ prior to the event, so the party will start off blasting someone’s favorite music. If it is very new or very old, they may have to find it first. If there are no group favorites, ask to see their playlist or book of tracks that will be available at the party. In companies unfamiliar with karaoke, this will give people an idea of what makes the best karaoke songs.

For a daytime event, have a breakfast buffet, brunch, a lunch salad station, or choice of entree. For a more formal event, have plated dinner and sweet station to end the evening. Time of day is very important; make sure there are several options for the final choice.

Particularly for a work party, include appetizers, hors d’oeuvres, or stay with finger food only. Even if a guest has already eaten before the event, hunger will return after the music is blasting and everyone has been dancing. Whether waiters already on staff are used or to hire out waiters would be a personal choice. It is still best to check availability. Don’t forget tips! They have earned it.Some catering companies may not have the option to set up offsite in a non-traditional setting. Hire one that can set up or build a satellite kitchen for hot food. The traditional serving setup for most catering companies can travel anywhere. However, if the kitchen comes as well, there is no need to worry about food still being hot when it is time to eat.

That is everything. Now all that is required is to choose a date, hire the catering specialists and get ready to have a blasting party!