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Best Ideas for Spiderman Cakes

Creating Spiderman cakes is easy enough for anyone to do. Some people prefer to buy a cake, and this is certainly a good option for those of us too busy to bake ourselves. If you do have the time and the desire, consider the following ideas to spice up your Marvel Comics fan’s birthday party.

Consider your artistic talent and then decide on a design for your cake- it’s recommended that you draw your idea first on a piece of paper before attempting to do so on any Spiderman cakes. Once you know what you want to have on the cake, write down what color icing you will need to buy or make.

We will begin with a simple round cake. Any flavor will do, but for effect you may want to try something like Red Velvet, which matches the color scheme on Spiderman’s costume. Red tinted icing is a good alternative and is easy to make with a bit of food coloring or can be store bought.

For this cake, use red icing for the background and dark blue for the eyes and web details, remembering that you’ll need a bit of white icing to fill in the eyes. If your resident Marvel Comics fan prefers Spiderman in his black suit, simply substitute the red icing for dark blue or black.

The second idea for Spiderman cakes involves a rectangular cake in the flavor of your choosing. Light blue or red icing is to be used as the background on this cake. Using icing, draw a large spider web on the cake. Use candy letters to write the Happy Birthday message on the cake and top off with Spiderman birthday candles.

Our last idea for Spiderman cakes requires very little artistic talent, although knowing how to bake a cake is a must. Choose the cake you want to bake- round, rectangular or whatever you choose- and then cover with your chosen icing color. Place candy Spiderman heads, available in most party supply stores or online, around the perimeter of the cake.

From here, you can choose to decorate the cake with Spiderman candles and other accoutrements, and/ or you can have a custom picture made for your cake. Many online retailers will make an easy to apply edible photo based on your original. If you have a computer savvy neighbor or relative you could even put your Marvel Comics fans head on a picture of Spiderman. Some may prefer a mix of the three ideas in this article. Whichever ideas you choose for Spiderman cakes, you’re sure to be the real superhero at the party.


Tips on Choosing the Perfect Birthday Cake

Choosing the perfect birthday cake pans for your child’s next birthday party doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. In fact, in can be down right easy with the simple tips I’m going to show you in this article.

The very first thing you have to do before you buy a birthday cake pan is to figure out a theme for the party. You should answer some simple questions.

For example, what does your child like? Does he or she like a certain cartoon character? What do they like to do? Are they interested in a certain sport or sports?

Children love different things at different ages so it’s important to ask them, or at least know what TV programs, movies, and sports activities they enjoy.

Some children love Disney characters while other adore Sesame Street. It all depends on what they’ve been exposed to, so you’ll actually have a bit of input as to the direction of your child’s likes and dislikes.

Most kids are also involved in one sport or another. For example, some children like to play soccer. Some enjoy Pop Warner football, or Pee Wee baseball. Martial arts are also popular among today’s kids, such as Karate or Tae Kwon Do.

Kids don’t hide their likes or dislikes very well. By observing their behavior, you can easily decipher what they’re interested in. For example, at the store they’ll usually point to their favorite action figure, or cartoon character. They’ll ask if you can buy them that football, or baseball bat. You know your kids better than anyone, so figuring out what they like shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once you’ve figured out what your child is interested in, then it’s easy to develop a theme for their party. If they like a cartoon, or Sesame Street character, then that’s what the party’s theme will revolve around. If they enjoy sports, then a sports themed party is called for.

Now you’re ready to purchase the appropriate birthday cake pan to suit the theme of the party. That part is easy. All you have to do is go to your local bake-ware and buy what you need. However, there is a second option. With today’s technology, you can easily make your purchase at an Online store using your computer.

Wherever you decide to purchase your birthday cake pans, now you know how to choose them. Your child and his or her friends will be so delighted when they see that beautiful and delicious themed birthday cake, and it’ll be even more special because you baked it yourself. Enjoy and best wishes.

Buying Birthday Cake Online

Where do best ideas come from when it comes to a birthday cake? Perhaps you have been doing your research for a while to help you in planning parties for your clients, friends or even family members but you seem unable to find the ultimate idea to find one. Here’s an article to provide you with simple yet powerful ideas of what to look for in an online cake store.

Do Your Research

Who are your customers? It’s an important consideration when you buy a birthday cake because cake preferences also vary with age. A teenager, a family man and a busy Mom have different tastes when it comes to cakes so you must know what their choices are. Surf the web for more information on the latest cake designs and ask your customers.

Answer The Challenge

Regardless of age group, people have eyes for beauty. It is important to use your imagination in choosing decorations for your birthday cake. If you are a new event organizer and you want to attract more customers, choosing the right designs to capture their attention is a big challenge for you. Check the online cake store and pick a beach party theme or a roller coaster ride design for your client. You can buy small toy umbrellas and a small toy beach ball for a cake suitable for a beach lover.

Creative Designs

If your customer is a six-year-old boy then he might be able to appreciate a birthday cake with a blue glaze that portrays an ocean. He may enjoy the white icing to the peaks of the waves and the small plastic toy there that looks like a surf board. You can also choose the cakes with the designs of his favorite cartoon character. Ask the parent about the child’s interest to be sure that the birthday celebrant will appreciate the birthday cake. If you will buy it for a matured person ask friends or loved ones for details.

Stick To A Budget

Choose a birthday cake that is wallet friendly. There are many cakes with great tastes and marvelous designs that are offered at very affordable prices. You just need to choose the right theme for your client or your friend or partner for that matter. Choose according to the taste and the style of the cake and not according to the price range. Take note of the delivery fee and make sure that you type the right address so that your client or anyone you purchased it for will receive it.

Whether you are starting a business where birthday cake is a part of the trade or simply buying a cake for someone special, purchase a birthday cake that does not sink to the plate once it is served. Choose playful colors of candles and see the glitters in the eyes of the happy birthday celebrant. Whether he or she is a client or a special someone, giving a birthday cake is a great way to express your greetings.


Best Birthday Cakes for Child

Planning a birthday party for your child? One major detail you can’t forget to take care of is the birthday cake. Finding the right birthday cake for kids in Glendale can help make your youngster’s birthday a little sweeter. So, how do you get the perfect cake?

One of the top bakeries specializing in birthday cakes in Glendale is Arts Bakery. Arts Bakery can create a custom cake based on the birthday party theme, your child’s favorite character, activity, or sport. If you think of it, they will create it.

Some of the top birthday cakes for kids include Disney-themed, Legos, super heroes, such as The Hulk, and Princess-themed. Arts Bakery has a wide variety of cakes to choose from on their website and the best part is, you can order the cake directly online. That’s right, you don’t have to drive to the bakery to select your cake. Simply choose the one you want online and customize it to your liking.

The staff at Arts Bakery will create your ideal cake and have it delivered to you on the date of your event. They strive to make the cake process as easy as possible for the customer and they have done just that. In addition to selecting a birthday cake for kids, the Glendale bakery also has a great selection of pastries, cookies and other delicacies for purchase online.

Arts Bakery does not only specialize in kids’ birthday cakes. They provide custom-made cakes for all events including, but not limited to weddings, baby shower cakes Glendale, christenings, anniversaries, adult birthdays and so much more.

Arts Bakery is not only popular for their one-of-a-kind wedding cakes, but they are also known for their fabulous birthday cakes for kids, baby shower cakes or baklava in Glendale.

 and so much more.  Many customers in the Glendale area continue to visit Arts Bakery for custom cakes for their events.

Their website gives you a peak into the type of cakes that they create and if you see one you like, order it online. Don’t see one you like or have an idea for a custom cake? You can visit the Glendale bakery, have a consultation and discuss the type of cake you have in mind.

Birthday Party Games for Your Child

Every kid loves attending birthday parties. While you celebrate the birthday of your child, you need to make sure that it is a well-arranged party. Entertainment and fun factor is quite importance while you celebrate your kid’s birthday. Each of his/her friend enjoys the party, is what you must make sure. The fun factor can be added with some interesting games during the celebration. So, birthday party games for 4 year olds need to be arranged considering their age. Kids of this age won’t be interested in games involving puzzles and quizzes. So, you need to be ready with some lively games that will add merriment and entertainment to the birthday party. Some of the games are mentioned below.

Party Game Ideas for 4 Year Olds

Balloon Stomp
Balloons will be available in your home as they are commonly used for birthday party decorations. Start the game by tying blown balloons to hands of each kid using ribbons. When this task is finished, the fun starts. Ask kids to pop each others’ balloons. Kids are sure to enjoy this game. You can also tie balloons to their ankles instead, and ask them to stomp over each others balloons. Just make sure that they are not wearing footwear as the same can lead to injury. The kid left with balloon on his/ her ankle or hand is the winner!

Simon Says
You can be the leader of this game. Ask all kids to stand in a line. Now you are ‘Simon’ in the game who calls for an action. For e.g., here’s a command, “Simon says, hold your ears and jump in air for 5 times.” Another command can be “Simon says, clap clap and tap your feet.” As you give an instruction, all players will act accordingly. The one who doesn’t follow the instructions will be out. You can give commands like hop, turn about, sit down, etc. The child who is standing till the end, wins the game. Now he/ she can be “Simon”.

Treasure Hunt
This is an all time favorite game arranged during kids’ birthday parties. This game has a number of variations. You can plan it keeping in mind kids age. An idea is to have items like balls, children books, color pencils and other items that are useful for kids. Hide these things in the party room. Give each child a list of items that are hidden. You can also add a small picture in front of the name of each item. Ask all of them to search room for finding these items. You must also hold a copy of this list. As kids go on finding items, you go on ticking the item names in list. When all items are found, check who has the highest number of items. He/ she is winner of this game. You can divide these items equally within all the kids and give them as birthday party favors.

Mystery Guess Game
You need a table and various items as used in treasure hunt game. Items must be amongst those used day-to-day by children. Place all the items on a table, kids must not see them before the game starts. Now close the eyes of all kids using handkerchiefs and make them stand in a line. Ask each one to come and touch each item on the table and guess what it is. The one who will guess maximum number of items right is the winner. Place the table in a corner or another room.

All the aforementioned kids’ party games are good for adding fun element to the party. Kids will love playing these games and the birthday celebration will be more fun-filled. Don’t forget to play music while these games go on. After the games are over you can play loud music and believe me, little ones would just love dancing and relish the party.

Awesome Gift Ideas

They are neither little kids, nor are they teenagers; hence, pleasing tweens with the right gift can be quite a difficult task. In fact, shopping for a ten-year-old or a twelve-year-old can bring a fair amount of panic. Unlike toddlers who are delighted with just about everything (even the packaging), tweens are quite choosy about what they like and what they vehemently dislike. Moreover, you are always faced with changing moods and changing trends. So, even if you have decided to buy a gaming console, you would be flummoxed at the store when faced with a host of new versions in the market.

If you are worried about what to shop for kids aged 10 to 12, we have put forth a list of some great ideas that will help you choose the perfect gift for your tween. From the cool remote-controlled cars to the best adventure and fantasy novel, this gift list is sure to enthrall your kids. Brace yourself!

Portable Music Players

In connection with the above idea, if not for music lessons, tweens would love to own a portable music player that can help them relax while they do their homework or keep them occupied when they are bored. The MP3 players for tweens should be easy to use, lightweight, and ultra-portable models. Look for low-end models that may not provide access to a lot of entertainment apps and games, but are sturdy and have a good battery life.

Some good options are the Apple iPod Shuffle, SanDisk Sansa Clip+ MP3 Player, and Cowon X9.


If you are looking for a tech gift for your tween, then tablets are just perfect. The screens are bigger, there is no need for an extra keyboard, and your tween will take to a touchscreen faster than a duck to water. The tablets with features, such as Wi-Fi, are great for surfing the web, playing games, checking e-mail, watching movies, and listening to music. Moreover, for your young learners, there are a host of educational apps and textbooks.

Some amazing tablet options for tweens would be the ultra-portable Apple iPad mini, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, and the Google Nexus 7.

Magazine Subscriptions

Is your tween girl passionate about celebrity gossip, news, and interviews, or does your 12-year-old son love things related to science, nature, and history? A perfect gift for tweens who are avid readers would be a magazine subscription. Obviously, the magazine you choose should interest your child. Avoid subscribing to fashion/lifestyle magazines that are marked for tweens/teens, but do not provide age-appropriate content.

Some excellent magazines packed with quality content that your child is bound to love include New Moon Girls, American Girl Magazine, and Discovery Girls. For boys, checkout the Boys’ Life magazine.

Music Lessons

If your child loves music, then enrolling him/her in music classes would be a great gift. Music helps in the development of the child’s self-esteem and social skills while also increasing his/her patience and discipline. Before choosing the instrument that the child has to learn, consider his/her opinion. Ensure that the child is excited about learning the instrument and is interested in a particular music style. The child’s temperament should also match the instrument. Additionally, you should be able to afford the instrument and the maintenance that comes with it.

Most music teachers would agree that it’s hard for kids to go wrong with the piano, drums, guitar, or violin.

RC Toys

If you are planning to buy toys for your kid, then remote-controlled (RC) vehicles are your best bet. There is an impressive selection of RC cars, helicopters, and other toys in the market that are sure to delight your kid. From dirt-spewing monster trucks to beautiful robots, there are RC toys that appeal to every taste. Before buying an RC car or other toys, do check the specified age limits and warning labels that indicate whether the car has small parts that cause choking, cutting, and other hazards for young children.

Check out the iPhone or iPod controlled robot, WowWee RoboMe or get an awesome remote-controlled car such as the Tyco RC Stunt Psycho Vehicle.

Tween Books

Unlike a kiddie book with simple stories, tweens need books with stories that are challenging and fun to read. Dragons, vampires, mighty tween heroes, these are some of the popular characters that your voracious reader will love. Book selection at this age is important as you want your child to progress beyond kiddie books, yet not venture into teenage novels.

Apart from the Harry Porter series which I am sure your kid has read (if not, please do get it for him/her!), you can gift your child books such as the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz, and Eragon by Christopher Paolini.

Bean Bags

Choose a comfortable bean bag for your child to lounge and relax in while they watch movies, play games, or read a book. Bean bags are functional and extremely comfortable chairs filled with foam or polyurethane. They are available in a range of colors and designs. They are a great addition to the entertainment areas and play spaces of your child’s room. Ensure that the bag is made from a durable material and is safe and comfortable for your kid.

Some great bean bags for kids are Newco International Football Bean Bag and Elite Furniture Spider Web Kids Bean Bag.


Adventure lovers will love a mountain bike. Choose geared kids’ bikes with 20″ and 24″ wheels that are best for 10- to 12-year-old kids. Look for features such as an adjustable seat height along with a durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame and front suspension.

Bikes such as the Jamis X.24 and GT 2013 Aggressor 24 are some great mountain bikes for kids.


Want to introduce your child to the world of photography but cannot really trust them with a heavy-duty DSLR? Gift your tween a simple point-and-shoot camera that is not too bulky and big to hold and can help the child take pictures with ease. Whether he/she is taking pictures of friends or selfies, the camera should allow the child to do these with ease. Look for ones that are waterproof, dustproof, freezeproof, and shockproof.

Some excellent cameras for pre-teens would be Fujifilm FinePix XP60 and the Nikon COOLPIX S01.

Portable Video Game

A portable video game or a hand-held game console is something that every tween enjoys. It is cheaper, easier to carry around whether it is at a supermarket or on long car trips, and the best part is that you do not need to hook it to a TV, like you do for large game systems. Most portable video games do more than just play games. You can browse the Internet, make Skype calls, and tether with Bluetooth. If your tween does not own one already, he/she is probably yearning for one.

Choose a Nintendo 3DS XL or a Sony PS Vita for your tween.

You can also choose something specific for girls or boys such as a nail polish set for a trendy tween girl or a chemistry set for a nerdy tween boy. If you are confused about getting something cool for your impossible-to-please kid, then this list of gifts is sure to make an impression.

Find Perfect Gifts For Your Child

The well-chosen gift brightens up the face of any kid. When you choose a gift, there are two ways to go about it: you can just go out and buy whatever you come across, checking that item off of your “to do” list. Or, you can take a little extra time, put a little extra thought into it, and find him or her just the right gift.

Whether it is a birthday, holiday, or another special occasion, when it comes time to buy a gift for a kid you know, wouldn’t you rather just spend the extra time to get it right?

The Right Gift Can Open Up a New World

When you have the opportunity to give a gift to a kid, why not use it to broaden their horizons about the world? After all, the best kind of play is educational. And, getting an education is always more fun when play is involved.

If you choose the right gift, they will never feel you are giving them something “educational” anyway. To the kid, it should be all about the fun.

Kids Love Creative and Unusual Gifts

But, what kind of gift should you buy? On the one hand, any kid who watches TV is going to get caught up in whatever board games, video games, or toys are being advertised while watching their favorite shows. In other words, they’ll want what is popular.

However, once the wrapping is off and the item is out of the box, the story changes. At this point, the gifts that are the most interesting and unusual are the ones that kids love to use and play with. These are the ones they can show off to their friends. When all is said and done, it is these unusual gifts that really make an impression.

How to Find Unusual Gifts for Kids – 3 Tips

Here are 3 tips to help you choose just the right unusual gift for a kid:

1. Look for something with a sense of adventure and learning: There are many educational toys available in the market today. How about a puzzle, a map, or a book of trivia?

2. Find something to help them pass the time: The gift you choose should be designed to help them pass the time. After all, while kids are busier than ever today, there are still a lot of times when they need a break from their studies or other serious activities. Sometimes, they need a distraction.

3. Get them something their friends don’t already have: The first hint in shopping for a kid is to ignore the TV commercials. Remember, that is exactly what everyone ELSE is going to buy for this kid. Instead, get them something their friends do not already have.

Follow these 3 tips to find unusual gifts for kids that they will love.

Making Birthday Cards for Your Child

Do you want to present a unique card to your child on this coming birthday, one that he/she remembers throughout his life? Then why don’t you make something on your own! How about homemade birthday cards for kids? We assure you, our ideas are going to help for sure. For this, you don’t even need to think much because we have listed down some selective birthday card ideas for your loved ones.

Birthday Cards

Popping Card
If you want to see an expression of surprise and happiness on the face of your child, then these cards would be perfect. Want to know how to make pop-up cards for your kid? Sketch a funny face on a cardboard sheet and color it. Attach a spring behind it, and stick it inside the card at the center. The moment your child opens the card, the face will pop-up leaving a smile on his face.

Collage Card
Collect the pictures of all the favorite comic characters and things that are liked the most by your kid. Cut all the pictures in different patterns and stick them all in front of the card with some overlapping the others. You can also highlight the different pictures with the glittery highlighters of different colors. Paint all the borders of the card with different colors to make it more attractive. These cards can be made in any shape, like oval, round, square, or rectangular. Isn’t it easy to make one without much effort?

Events Record Card
These cards are full of all the major old memories and events till date. Take a huge chart paper and reduce it to the size of a birthday card by folding. Stick a cute photograph of the receiver in front of the card. Stick all funny photographs with funny and emotional captions on each fold of the card. Put the photographs in the chronological order, right from the birth till present. The receiver is going to love this card for sure!

Photo Frame Card
You can personalize your card by giving it a look of a photo frame and sticking a funny photograph of the birthday boy or girl on it. Take a thick drawing sheet, and fold it into two halves. Paste a photograph on the front side of the card. Now, take another drawing sheet (not very thick), and cut it to the size of front of the card. Further, mark the size of the photograph with a pencil on that sheet. Next, cut a rectangle in the middle of that sheet. See to it that it is smaller than the photograph image marked. Stick the frame that you have just made on the front of the photograph. Decorate the border of the frame with glitters and colors and write a cute birthday card message inside.

Spray-painted Card
Make a desired shape on a piece of paper, and place it on the front side of the card. Dip a toothbrush in color and spray it on the card (around the shape) with the help of your fingers. Once you have finished doing this, remove the shape after the colors have dried. Write a birthday quote in the center of the shape, and decorate the border of the card with ribbons.

Star Card
Collect the photographs of all the favorite celebrities and stars born on the same day. This birthday card would make the recipient feel special and equally important. Stick the kid’s photograph at the center of the card and glue rest of the pictures around that photograph. Write an expressive caption saying that he or she is equally important to you as the celebrities or stars are for rest of the world.

Homemade birthday cards can be a treasure if they are made by children themselves using their imagination and creativity. They are a great way to encourage your children to brainstorm and come up with their own beautiful imaginations. Allow them to say anything they want to say in their own words. You can even assist them in making these cute little cards. Photo frame and spray paint ideas are super easy and kids can make them too. These ideas will be great even for homemade birthday cards for moms and dads.

Apart from these card ideas, you can also generate you own innovative and creative birthday card greeting ideas to make your child happy.

Making Your Own Birthday Invitations

Birthdays are the most special days, and hence they demand for a celebration. To make them all the more special, make your own invitations. The self-made invitations will make the event more personalized. If the birthday party invitations are made properly, they will be preserved and cherished. Well done invitations for the birthday will be a right way of starting the glorious celebration of such a special day.

Invitation Cards for Birthday Party
What could be a better gift, than inviting all your loved ones, by sending out your handmade invitation cards? Sticking to the theme of the birthday party, will give you wonderful birthday card ideas.

Fairy Tale Themes are such a hit among girls birthday parties. To make invites for the fairy tale birthday parties make them in castle shapes, with pastel colors, and calligraphic fonts. The birthday wordings can be written with glitter. To decorate the invitations, paste some pictures of little fairies, and pixies flying around it.

Circus Theme is full of madness, with lots of stunts, and animals. Naturally, your invitation cards should sport the same spirit. A combination of red and blue will go perfectly with the circus theme. Cut out a joker next to the wordings to show as though he is saying it. Draw a ring master around the date of the event and a write the venue in the picture of a tent.

Super Hero Theme demands something powerful. Cut out the super hero of your choice, write the message on his back. If your superhero wears a mask, then cut that out as a mask and make two holes at either of its end, so that your guests can wear it at the party.

Heaven and Hell Theme is a riot of creativity at your disposal. Create some invites in red and black and a few in silver and white. The black and red invites can have the devil horns on top of them and the white and silver ones can have wings attached to them with a golden halo on top. Send out these invites according to the personality of the potential attendees. It would be fun to see them turn up as angels and devils!

CDs make great birthday invites. You can make a CD of past videos and photographs as birthday invitations. This is a wonderful way to reminisce lost moments too. You can add a few songs to make it musical and put the message across.

The desired birthday invitation cards are not always available in the market. Hence making them will help you realize the unfulfilled dream. Moreover, it is a great way of saving money, that you would have otherwise spent in buying invites from the shops. Making your own invitations cards, permits you with creative liberty, which is at your discretion.

Choosing Foods for Kids’ Birthday Party

There is a no doubt that planning a memorable birthday celebration for your kid is a tedious task. Apart from the other preparations, you will also have to spend a lot of time on planning and making the food for the party. You can try to make the celebration a little different by varying the food. Like the birthday cake can be substituted with birthday cookies, which are iced and decorated. You can either make them yourself at home, or order them from outside. If your budget is limited, it is a better option to prepare it at home. You will want to take the expected age group into consideration, while planning the menu. It should be such that it contains finger foods so that the kids do not spill a lot of food around. Let’s now take a look at some food ideas.

Bread Items
One of the option is to make sandwiches, but they are common in most kids’ parties. Therefore, you can try different food items like bruschetta, garlic bread sticks, etc. Even in the garlic bread you have a variety of options, like plain garlic bread, garlic bread with cheese, with olives, with mushrooms, etc.

Pizzas are one of the best items for a kid’s birthday party. You can either choose to make pizza fingers or make large-size pizzas and then cut it into manageable pieces so that the children can have them easily. If you are planning to make food on a budget, then this is one of the best options, as you can bake them at home as well. However, it is best to stick to basic cheese and tomato pizzas or ham pizzas, rather than having an assortment of pizzas.

Birthday parties are said to be incomplete without cakes. You can choose to bake a cake in advance for the party. This will give you some time on the day of the party to take care of the other arrangements. An alternative is to make birthday themed cupcakes, cookies, cakepops, etc. These will make the party food menu stand out as well.

There are different types of rolls which can be made. You can opt for cottage cheese, sausage, tortilla, vegetable rolls, etc. Make mini rolls so that one piece of roll can be picked up using toothpicks. They will make the party food special and different as well.

You have a wide variety of options in drinks. For a kid’s birthday party you may want to stick to fruit juices or squashes. They make for a healthier option as compared to aerated drinks. You can choose to have two or three flavors of fruit juices. Rather than getting individual packs, you should get bigger bottles and serve it in glasses.

You will not need food in large quantities. Kids tend to eat less at parties, as they are busy playing. At the same time, you may not want to use glass plates and glasses. Instead make use of disposable plates and glasses to avoid any breakage.