Best Ideas for Spiderman Cakes

Creating Spiderman cakes is easy enough for anyone to do. Some people prefer to buy a cake, and this is certainly a good option for those of us too busy to bake ourselves. If you do have the time and the desire, consider the following ideas to spice up your Marvel Comics fan’s birthday party.

Consider your artistic talent and then decide on a design for your cake- it’s recommended that you draw your idea first on a piece of paper before attempting to do so on any Spiderman cakes. Once you know what you want to have on the cake, write down what color icing you will need to buy or make.

We will begin with a simple round cake. Any flavor will do, but for effect you may want to try something like Red Velvet, which matches the color scheme on Spiderman’s costume. Red tinted icing is a good alternative and is easy to make with a bit of food coloring or can be store bought.

For this cake, use red icing for the background and dark blue for the eyes and web details, remembering that you’ll need a bit of white icing to fill in the eyes. If your resident Marvel Comics fan prefers Spiderman in his black suit, simply substitute the red icing for dark blue or black.

The second idea for Spiderman cakes involves a rectangular cake in the flavor of your choosing. Light blue or red icing is to be used as the background on this cake. Using icing, draw a large spider web on the cake. Use candy letters to write the Happy Birthday message on the cake and top off with Spiderman birthday candles.

Our last idea for Spiderman cakes requires very little artistic talent, although knowing how to bake a cake is a must. Choose the cake you want to bake- round, rectangular or whatever you choose- and then cover with your chosen icing color. Place candy Spiderman heads, available in most party supply stores or online, around the perimeter of the cake.

From here, you can choose to decorate the cake with Spiderman candles and other accoutrements, and/ or you can have a custom picture made for your cake. Many online retailers will make an easy to apply edible photo based on your original. If you have a computer savvy neighbor or relative you could even put your Marvel Comics fans head on a picture of Spiderman. Some may prefer a mix of the three ideas in this article. Whichever ideas you choose for Spiderman cakes, you’re sure to be the real superhero at the party.