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Making Your Own Birthday Invitations

Birthdays are the most special days, and hence they demand for a celebration. To make them all the more special, make your own invitations. The self-made invitations will make the event more personalized. If the birthday party invitations are made properly, they will be preserved and cherished. Well done invitations for the birthday will be a right way of starting the glorious celebration of such a special day.

Invitation Cards for Birthday Party
What could be a better gift, than inviting all your loved ones, by sending out your handmade invitation cards? Sticking to the theme of the birthday party, will give you wonderful birthday card ideas.

Fairy Tale Themes are such a hit among girls birthday parties. To make invites for the fairy tale birthday parties make them in castle shapes, with pastel colors, and calligraphic fonts. The birthday wordings can be written with glitter. To decorate the invitations, paste some pictures of little fairies, and pixies flying around it.

Circus Theme is full of madness, with lots of stunts, and animals. Naturally, your invitation cards should sport the same spirit. A combination of red and blue will go perfectly with the circus theme. Cut out a joker next to the wordings to show as though he is saying it. Draw a ring master around the date of the event and a write the venue in the picture of a tent.

Super Hero Theme demands something powerful. Cut out the super hero of your choice, write the message on his back. If your superhero wears a mask, then cut that out as a mask and make two holes at either of its end, so that your guests can wear it at the party.

Heaven and Hell Theme is a riot of creativity at your disposal. Create some invites in red and black and a few in silver and white. The black and red invites can have the devil horns on top of them and the white and silver ones can have wings attached to them with a golden halo on top. Send out these invites according to the personality of the potential attendees. It would be fun to see them turn up as angels and devils!

CDs make great birthday invites. You can make a CD of past videos and photographs as birthday invitations. This is a wonderful way to reminisce lost moments too. You can add a few songs to make it musical and put the message across.

The desired birthday invitation cards are not always available in the market. Hence making them will help you realize the unfulfilled dream. Moreover, it is a great way of saving money, that you would have otherwise spent in buying invites from the shops. Making your own invitations cards, permits you with creative liberty, which is at your discretion.

Choosing Foods for Kids’ Birthday Party

There is a no doubt that planning a memorable birthday celebration for your kid is a tedious task. Apart from the other preparations, you will also have to spend a lot of time on planning and making the food for the party. You can try to make the celebration a little different by varying the food. Like the birthday cake can be substituted with birthday cookies, which are iced and decorated. You can either make them yourself at home, or order them from outside. If your budget is limited, it is a better option to prepare it at home. You will want to take the expected age group into consideration, while planning the menu. It should be such that it contains finger foods so that the kids do not spill a lot of food around. Let’s now take a look at some food ideas.

Bread Items
One of the option is to make sandwiches, but they are common in most kids’ parties. Therefore, you can try different food items like bruschetta, garlic bread sticks, etc. Even in the garlic bread you have a variety of options, like plain garlic bread, garlic bread with cheese, with olives, with mushrooms, etc.

Pizzas are one of the best items for a kid’s birthday party. You can either choose to make pizza fingers or make large-size pizzas and then cut it into manageable pieces so that the children can have them easily. If you are planning to make food on a budget, then this is one of the best options, as you can bake them at home as well. However, it is best to stick to basic cheese and tomato pizzas or ham pizzas, rather than having an assortment of pizzas.

Birthday parties are said to be incomplete without cakes. You can choose to bake a cake in advance for the party. This will give you some time on the day of the party to take care of the other arrangements. An alternative is to make birthday themed cupcakes, cookies, cakepops, etc. These will make the party food menu stand out as well.

There are different types of rolls which can be made. You can opt for cottage cheese, sausage, tortilla, vegetable rolls, etc. Make mini rolls so that one piece of roll can be picked up using toothpicks. They will make the party food special and different as well.

You have a wide variety of options in drinks. For a kid’s birthday party you may want to stick to fruit juices or squashes. They make for a healthier option as compared to aerated drinks. You can choose to have two or three flavors of fruit juices. Rather than getting individual packs, you should get bigger bottles and serve it in glasses.

You will not need food in large quantities. Kids tend to eat less at parties, as they are busy playing. At the same time, you may not want to use glass plates and glasses. Instead make use of disposable plates and glasses to avoid any breakage.

Birthday Party Themes to Baby 2 Years Old

You wish to plan a unique birthday party for your kid. You have planned your budget, are making the guest list. So, then comes the most important aspect of kids’ birthday parties: the party theme. Having a themed party is much more joyful than going for an ordinary one. Here are some of the most loved and popular ones.

Birthday Party Ideas and Themes

It is essential to decide the theme earlier so that you get time to arrange for the favors, decoration, games and menu accordingly. Birthday cakes are available in different shapes, patterns and you will really have no trouble in getting what you want. Here are some of the most popular birthday party themes for 2-year-old baby girls and boys.

Cinderella Theme
If you wish to have a princess themed birthday party, then the Cinderella theme is one of the best one. You can dress up your daughter like a princess with a gown and a tiara, and decorate the place like a fairy land with light blue or pink decorations. You can create the artificial feel of a castle and decorate the chairs and walls accordingly. For party food, you can go for star-shaped cookies, frosting covered cupcakes, etc. You can also get princess themed party favors like cups, pencils, stickers, etc. easily in the market.

Mickey and Minnie Theme
Mickey and Minnie are one of the oldest and most popular cartoon characters, and hence, the Mickey Minnie theme is one of the best 2-year-old birthday party themes. For decoration, you can have cutouts of the faces of Mickey and Minnie, paste big pictures of the duo, etc. The theme color of the party should be black and red, with people dressed in these colors and the table cloths, wall hangings in these suitable colors as well. You can easily get a mickey mouse cake and cookies as party foods. Mickey mouse theme plates, forks, spoons and glasses are also easily available. For party favors, you can go for mickey mouse headbands, toys, etc.

Car Theme
Another interesting theme is the car or hot wheels theme. You can decorate with cut outs of cars, paste pictures of cars all around and also create a race track if possible. If the party is hot wheels themed, you can even paint the traditional hot wheels logo for decoration. You can arrange for toy cars for kids to play with. Car shaped cake, frosted cupcakes, tortilla chips with dips, cheese sticks, etc. are some of the best foods for toddlers’ birthday party menu. Suitable favors like cars, flags, badges, are also easily available.

Clown Theme
The clown or the circus is yet another popular theme. You can decorate with colorful confetti, cut outs of giant animals, clowns, etc. You can buy clown headbands or joker caps, paint kids’ faces with colors, etc. One of the family members can dress up like an actual clown and have a lot of fun. Party food ideas include cupcakes, lollipops, fruit juices, birthday cake with a clown face, etc. Clown theme party favors like toys, plates, caps, etc. can also be easily obtained from the market.

You can also try the Mad Hatter theme, dinosaur theme, etc. to create an interesting and memorable birthday party for your little one. Lastly, remember that a bit of planning (well in advance) and preparation (immediately) can definitely be helpful.

How to Find Party Entertainment for Kids

download-1We all know that children are a hyperactive bunch who need to be entertained at all times. This is particularly true when you are keeping a birthday bash for your little one. For them, a party spells F-U-N, and living up to their expectations is something you simply must do. In spite of having the food, venue, favors, etc., planned for their birthday parties, you have to ensure that you plan the essence of the party well, i.e., the entertainment activities for little ones. What are you going to do keep them occupied for so many hours? What is it that they will take home as beautiful memories of your kiddo’s birthday bash? Here’s some help on the same.


Now you may think that you need to hire a party planner so that you can hold a memorable event. While this is not such a bad idea, you can simply get a group of friends together to help you host a great bash for your child. This kind of help will ensure that you don’t have to spend too much and will make the celebration a huge success. Take a look at some great ideas to inspire you.

Circus Entertainment
A circus birthday party theme is appreciated by all kids. You may hire clowns, magicians, fairies, jugglers, etc., and ensure that the children have the time of their lives. This will be an unforgettable experience for them. Though this idea might be slightly expensive; however, if you can afford it, it will definitely be worth every penny you spend.

Jumping Castle
The jumping castle is a great and fun activity for kids birthdays. Have one inflated in your backyard, or simply arrange for this activity at your local park. This is sure to keep the little ones occupied for hours together. Just ensure they don’t eat anything before they get onto the jumping castles.

Karaoke and Dance
For kids who love to sing and shake a leg, karaoke can provide some great entertainment. All you need is a karaoke machine with some easy-to-sing songs. While some can sing, the rest can dance to these tunes. You are sure to have one of the best parties for your child ever. This is a good activity not only for the younger ones, but it can also make for a great idea for teens.

Face Painting
Face painting is another great choice for little ones. Include tattoo painting and face or eye masks to complete their looks. A theme party centered on cartoon characters may include face painting as a choice for one of the many activities in it. Children can be asked to have their favorite character painted on their face, and then imitate the character for some fun. This one is quite an engaging activity for them.

Driveway Bowling
Apart from the activities mentioned above, you can also have the kids indulge in some interesting birthday party games. Block your driveway to make a bowling alley for the little ones. Use tin cans or old jars as pins, and have a small ball that they can easily roll to knock off the pins. Keep a fun prize for the winners of the game.

Other ideas include hosting art activities where kids can create their own crafts, and take them home as party favors. Treasure hunts, story reading sessions, etc., can all be included in these methods of providing fun and entertainment for the little ones.

Use one or more of these ideas, and give the kids an experience they will never forget. In fact, with these ideas, you will set a benchmark against which the fun at all other birthday parties will be measured. Have fun!