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Best Cake Kids Birthday Party

Celebrating a kid’s birthday is centered on the cake, room decoration, and gifts. As for the cake, easy birthday cake ideas for kids are endless for any theme you opt for. You can try any design that seems attractive for your child and believe me, the result will be fabulous. All you need for baking birthday cakes for kids is a little creativity and basic culinary skills. So, why order from the bakery, when you can make fantastic looking birthday cakes at home.

Easy Birthday Cake Ideas for Kids

If you have already decided the theme for your child’s coming birthday, baking cakes for the special day is no different from regular cakes. The difference lies in the decoration part, without which the birthday cake does not look complete. As you know your child’s preference, you can try exclusive, yet simple birthday cake designs. The following are some of easy birthday cakes for kids, which you can try baking at home.

Flower Cake


  • 1 package 2-layer-size desired-flavor cake mix
  • 1 (16-ounce can) desired-flavor frosting
  • Green pipe cleaners
  • Mini candy-coated milk chocolate pieces
  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • Desired-color food coloring (optional)
  • Flower shaped baking cups

Directions for Preparation

This is one of the best birthday cakes for kids, especially if it is for your little angel. According to the number of flower cakes you want to make, take silicone flower shaped cups and coat them lightly with a nonstick cooking spray. Keep these baking cups in a baking sheet. Now, let’s work on the cake preparation part. As per the directions mentioned in the package, prepare cake mix and fill the cups up to 2/3 height.

Bake the cupcakes in a preheated oven for the stipulated time, and allow them to cool down in a wire rack. By the mean time, you can impart coloration to the frosting by adding a few drops of food coloring. This step is optional for creating colorful flower cakes. Cover each of the cakes with frosting from all sides. Put chocolate pieces in the middle of the cakes, so that they resemble true flowers. Complete your cake by putting green pipe cleaners, which will look like stalks for the flower cakes.

Balloon Cake


  • Baked sheet cake
  • Small spatulas
  • Round baked sugar cookies
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Food Coloring
  • Icing in a tube
  • Couple of small bowls

Directions for Preparation

A balloon cake is very simple to bake and less time-consuming. But, it looks great for kids birthday parties. First of all, place the sheet cake over a large platter. Frost it with the vanilla frosting, evenly in all sides. In a small bowl, take some icing and mix with a desired food color. Repeat the same in other bowls with different food colors. Cover sugar cookies with these colored frosting by using spatulas. Arrange them properly in the cake, and use the icing in a tube to make strings for the cookie balloons.

Bowling Cake


  • 2 cups white frosting
  • 1 dome chocolate cake (baked in a 2 1/2-quart bowl)
  • 2 cups chocolate frosting
  • 2 baked 13-by-9 inch cakes
  • Red decorators’ icing

Directions for Preparation

Place one 13-by-9 inch cake in a cake cardboard or large platter. Cut a rectangular cake piece from the second cake and align with the first one on the same platter. You will get a rectangular-shaped cake with the help of a blunt kitchen knife. Trim off the cake sides, so that it resembles a bowling pin. In order to create the bowling ball, cut a circular-shaped piece from the second 13-by-9 inch cake. For ease cutting, place the bowl (with which you bake the dome-shaped cake) on top of the cake and trace around it.

Put the circular piece above the pin cake and cover it with chocolate cake frosting. On top of this, place the dome-shaped chocolate cake. Smoothen out the sides to make it look like a ball. In order to create the finger holes in the bowling ball, scoop 3 circles out of the ball. Give a finishing touch by covering the bowling bowl with chocolate frosting, leaving only the finger holes. Now, your bowling cake for kids is ready.

These were some of the simple birthday cakes for kids, which your child will love having them on his birthday. You can think of other themes like a dog cake, caterpillar cake, house cake, and so on. The idea is to make cakes that mimic animals, flowers, and cartoon characters that kids love to play with. So, apply your imagination and make the best cake for your child on his coming birthday.

Select Perfect Themes for Kids Birthday Parties

Are you planning a birthday party for your child? Before getting started with the party planning, it’s a good idea to explore kids birthday party themes and select the best one. Having a theme to work from makes the rest of the planning process much easier. Not to mention kids love themed parties and you’re child and his friends are sure to have the time of their lives if you pick a theme they are fascinated with. Here are some time tested theme ideas you can consider using for your child’s party.

1. The Luau Party

Make your child’s party feel like a tropical getaway by planning a luau party. Some fun items you can use for your luau party include leis, hula skirts, flowers to put behind each child’s ear, shell necklaces, and Hawaiian tattoos. Some dishes and drinks appropriate for serving at a Luau party include Hawaiian punch, coconut shrimp, pineapple chicken, and Hawaiian pizza.

Games that you can play at a Luau party include making paper leis and having each child create his or her own “ocean in a bottle.” To make an ocean in a bottle, simply add water, baby oil, and blue food coloring to a small baby food jar or other kind of container and have the children add beads, small sea shells, and glitter. The container can be glued shut so the children don’t spill it by accident.

2. A Birthday Kid Party Based on Your Child’s Favorite Book, Movie, or TV Show

Is your daughter obsessed with Hannah Montana? If your daughter is possibly Hannah Montana’s number one fan, give her and her friends a birthday party to remember by making it a Hannah Montana-themed party. Rent a karaoke machine so the girls can have fun singing and dancing and provide make-up, jewelry, scarves, and other fun fashion items so the girls can play dress up.

Batman-themed parties are fun for boys. You can decorate a batman party with batman posters, balloons, and streamers. Give each child in attendance a batman cape and mask to wear for the party. You can also use face paint to paint masks on each child’s face if you prefer. Play the classic game of follower the leader but instead make it “follow the joker.” Have the children take turns wearing a jester’s hat to be the joker. Kids birthday party themes based on other superheroes are also a big hit. You can even base a party on a general superhero theme and have the children dress up as their favorite superhero.

3. The Pirate Birthday Kid Party

There are few party themes more successful with children than the pirate birthday. There are a plethora of great activity and decoration ideas for the pirate party theme. The invitations to your pirate party can be made to look like treasure maps. Use red and black balloons and streamers to decorate your pirate party. You can also make treasure chests out of cardboard boxes and put costume jewelry in them to use them as decorations or centerpieces. Organize it so that every child wears a pirate costume to the party and don’t forget to hang up a Jolly Roger flag in front of the house to create the pirate ship atmosphere. One of the best games to play at a pirate party is a treasure hunt so each child can go home with goodies.

In conclusion, there are a vast amount of fun kids birthday party themes you can use to create an exciting and unforgettable birthday bash for your child. Don’t settle for the usual cake, pin the tail on the donkey, and balloons when you can have an action-packed party that is more fun for the children and easier for you to plan and set up. Give your child a birthday to remember with these great party ideas.


Choosing Themed Birthday Party For Your Child

Color games, ice creams, teddy bears, fun caps, delicious puddings, chocolates, frills, fun, and frolic; yes, it is the scene of a birthday party. Of course, these are all the major fun elements of any birthday party. In fact, kids also like them and want to enjoy them in a blasting environment with their family and friends. Parents also host the birthday parties of their kids at their homes only in order to have extreme level of fun and entertainment for the guests at the same time. It not only helps in providing perfectly personalized experience to the little guests, but also encourages them to have more fun and enjoyment in a carefree manner. Moreover, the fun gets doubled, when parents choose different types of animated and surprising themes in order to add extra fun, laughter, and excitement to the environment.

Themed birthday parties are all the rage

Themed birthday parties are all the rage. You can try anything you want in order to inject extra dose of fun and thrill to the environment. Some people choose hide and seek games, while others go for the character parties. Of course, these ideas are highly exciting and engaging. But what if you have a limited budget? Don’t worry, here are some exclusive themed party ideas to choose from:

Chocolate-Making Party

Kids always love to taste and enjoy making different types of delicious and flavorful treats. One of the most popular treats to make is super sizzling and awesome chocolate. You can surely add a great variety of fun in the party environment by choosing the chocolate making theme. Only you have to do is to grab some weird looking molds and melted chocolate from the nearby store.

Kids will pour the melted chocolate into the molds with their friends and show their creativity. You can decorate your house with a wide variety of colorful decorative choco pieces for added fun. The molds will also set quickly in the fridge and kids can have enough fun.

Irrespective of whether you are in Maryland or somewhere else in US, you will easily find the best chocolate store or creamery in Maryland that provides the best ice creams & chocolates.

Ice cream party

It is one of the most exclusive and delicious party ideas. All you need to do is to ask each and every member’s favorite ice-cream flavor, so that you can order your creamery to supply the same at the time of the party. In this way, you will not only please your little guests, but also provide them their favorite flavor. It is the best & the most cost-effective options for the parents. Kids also like to lick their favorite ice creams in the funny and entertaining environment.

Moreover, you can create different types of ice creams shape from paper craft. Kids will also love to see and enjoy them with their friends. So just get ready for that blasting fun in an ice cream themed party!

Tips on Hiring a Good Entertainer for Your Kids Birthday Party

The benefits of hiring an entertainer are plenty. He will keep the kids entertained, make sure they’re happily busy throughout the party, and also leave you free to take care of the parents. The first thing you should know is that entertainers offer more than one service. While clowns and magicians are the first preference, you also have face painters, jugglers, puppeteers, costume characters, and storytellers. It is always advised that you opt for an agency that provides as many services as possible. If you’re lucky, you may find entertainers who entertain both, kids and adults. Mentioned below are a few things you need to consider while hiring an entertainer for your kid’s birthday party. While the options available are going to be plenty, it is very important you zero in on the very best.
Always ask two or more agencies for quotations. This will give you a general idea about the costs you’re going to incur and for what. Bargaining also becomes a tad easier once you know what you’re dealing with. Remember to check what all you’re being offered and the respective prices quoted to you. Sometimes, even if the price is a little steep, what you’re getting in return might also exceed expectations. Check if the agency is including liability insurance. This insurance is a must; check your local governing rules for more information on this insurance.

Check the distance of the agency’s office from your home. If it’s a lot, it is advised you don’t sign them up. First, they’re going to charge you transportation costs more often than not. Second, there is a very high chance they might outsource the work to an agency nearer to you, which means you will be shelling out more than what you otherwise would.

Why a local agency
There are a lot of reasons why a local agency is the best option. First, you can actually visit them often with all the doubts you may have. You will be more at peace knowing that the entertainers are close, and can be contacted any moment. The time for them to reach the venue also reduces and so does the cost.

Make sure you ask for a detailed quote and work on it till every single detail is discussed till you’re sure and confident. It is advised that you either draw a check, pay cash, or use PayPal. Do not give your credit card details to someone you’re working with for the first time. Most people pay cash once the entertainers have reached the venue on the said date. This way, you take no risk at all. Ask if you can book their dates with an advance.

Checking the authenticity of the agency before paying them the fee is of vital importance. The best ways by which you can do so is by checking up information on their website and by going through their advertising material such as pamphlets, brochures, etc. See if they are listed in any forum, club, or organization. Read up on them as much as you can. Ask for licenses and documents such as identity proof. Look for ways by which you can ensure that the agency you zero in on is legally sound.

Always ask the entertainer for recent references, preferably people they have performed for in the last month. Call these references and inquire about their experience. Don’t forget to ask about the age group the entertainers entertained. This way, you can rest assured that your children are in safe hands and that your party is going to be a success.

What You Need to Provide From Your End

Date and Time
While in discussion, you need to provide certain details from your side, first and foremost the date and time. If you’re opting for a local agency, chances are they might already have bookings. This becomes all the more possible if it’s the holiday season. Also important is the time.

Venue Details
Venue details not only include the address, but also other specifications such as height and width of the activity area, and safety precautions. Certain activities like juggling require a minimum height. Though this may not seem important initially, most of your activities are going to depend on these specifications alone.

Questions You Need to Ask Before Hiring an Entertainer

  • How many children will the contract cover?
  • What kind of payment options do you offer?
  • How much time do you require to prepare before you start?
  • Do you’ll have any activities included for adults as well?
  • What items do I need to supply from my side?
  • Will the time stated in the contract cover eating time?
  • How many people should I be expecting as a part of your team?
Write down all the points mentioned above as tasks, and tick them off your checklist after completion. So you see, hiring an entertainer for your child’s birthday party will not only give you some breathing space to look after other guests at the party, but also ensure the party is a successful affair and that everyone goes home smiling.